Call us for the price This is an industrial USB to RS232/485/TTL isolated converter with original FT232RL inside. It features embedded protection circuits such as power isolation, ADI magnetical isolation, and TVS diode, etc. What's more, the USB TO RS232/485/TTL comes with an aluminium alloy enclosure, make it solid and durable to work.

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 Product type: industrial ADI magnetical isolation converter

  Baudrate: 300-921600bps

  Host port: USB 

 Device port: RS485/RS232/TTL

  USB:  

 Operating voltage: 5V 

 Connector: USB-B 

 Protection: 200mA self-recovery fuse, isolated output

 Transmission distance: ~5m  

 RS485: 

 Connector: screw terminal

  Pins: A+, B-, GND

  Direction control: hardware automatic control

 Protection: 600W lightning-proof and surge-suppress, 15KV ESD protection(reserved 120R balancing resistor solder pads)

  Transmission distance: ~1200m

  Transmission mode: point-to-multipoints (up to 32 nodes, it is recommendedto use repeaters for 16 nodes or more)

 RS232: 

 Connector: DR9 male 

 Protection: TVS diode, surge protection, ESD protection

 Transmission distance: ~15m 

 Transmission